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(unlike others) the visionary…Regal Springs® has pioneered better tilapia (for) quality and commitment to higher standards of sustainable production … No better fish for structural integrity. Flip ’n toss, it still keeps its shape.

Barton Seaver, sustainable seafood chef & educator

The celebrity chefs awarded an 86% overall approval rating – “a very impressive product with clean, white flesh and a fine, flawless, well-balanced taste..with a great visual appearance, & superb texture: it looks natural and authentic”

International Taste Institute, Brussels

Regal Springs® has really got to know our business. We’ve got that many categories and SKUs so can’t always anticipate what consumers need. These guys are ahead of the game, giving us insights which help us get the best promotional impact.

Wholesaler Boston area

Lively up your shelves …
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Convinced by what our customers have to say? Looking for quality? Eager to offer the best to your shoppers, and enhance the value of your displays? At Regal Springs® we can supply the very best Tilapia: either under your private label; or if you prefer as our own relaunched Regal Springs® brand of ‘Naturally Better Tilapia’ in attractive and appealing packs, with many exciting new added-value products: all ready to roll. Simply scroll down to learn more, to view our own branded range, as well as our broad US customer base.

Lively up your shelves …

the world’s first branded premium tilapia line

Our ‘Naturally Better Tilapia’ are now available in a range of appealing packs, easy to spot in the frozen display when you are planning to serve convenient, delicious, and nutritious meals.

What makes Regal Springs® a better partner?


Highest quality

As a vertically integrated producer, we own and care for our fish from lake to plate. We take great pride in rearing our tilapia to the highest standards you could expect.


Reliable Supply

Our farms span Indonesia, Honduras, and Mexico, and all enjoy convenient access to highways and airports. Our record of timely, on-spec delivery gives our customers peace
of mind.

Commercial Excellence

Commercial Excellence

Our sales, marketing, and customer service teams are world class, speedily and comprehensively attending to customers’ needs.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

From evolving taste trends to best practices in sustainable aquaculture, we provide proprietary information and sophisticated analysis that offer real value to our partners.

Impactful Activations

Impactful Activations

We develop a promotion calendar with highly effective, year-round activations supported with our culinary expertise, both in-store and online, such as Lent or Taco Friday.

Sustainability Policies

Sustainability Policies

We share our partners’ values on preserving our planet, and safeguarding future generations. As the leader and pioneer in Responsible Aquaculture, we help our partners in delivering their commitments.

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If you are a customer in the United States, please contact us at [email protected], or reach out to one of our many leading distributors.


If you are from outside the United States, we’re ready to serve you, too.