Blue Food Movement

*Regal Springs® supports the aims of the Blue Food Movement, as defined by the Blue Food Assessment (BFA), an international joint initiative bonding over 100 interdisciplinary scientists from more than 25 institutions, supporting decision-makers in evaluating and implementing solutions to build healthy, equitable and sustainable food systems.

This Blue Food Movement is also recognised by the Global Seafood Alliance (GSA), whose guidelines for responsible aquaculture are followed by Regal Springs ®.

Blue foods are foods that are captured by fisheries or cultivated by aquaculture from the ocean, rivers, lakes, ponds, raceways and tanks and can derive from aquatic animals, plants, or algae. They create, support or maintain hundreds of millions of livelihoods and are a critical source of nutrition and food security for several billion people around the world.

Sustainably produced blue foods can help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by alleviating hunger and malnutrition; improving health; reducing pressure on oceans, water, land and climate.

Shifting from land-based proteins to aquatic proteins should be a part of climate change solutions, within boundaries that protect the health of the ocean and freshwater systems. Such a transformation of our food systems is essential for sustainably nourishing a planet of nearly 10 billion people by 2050.