Our Fish Fresh

As fresh as you can get

‘Naturally Better Tilapia’ From Lake To Plate

We go to great lengths to preserve the deep-fresh taste, succulent flavor, flaky texture & high nutritional value – from lake to plate.

Local Processing

Brought live to world-class processing plants nearby, with minimal handling

Packed Fresh

Packed within 4 hours, picked up in 12 hours*

* depending on location

The Result

100% fresh assured tilapia, with an industry best 15 day shelf-life

Juicy whole scrumptious fish

Gutted and scaled thoroughly for quick preparation. This classic style lets you cook the fish whole or cut into portions to taste, leaving the head and bones to make delicious stocks.

Besides Black Whole, our ReserveRed Whole Tilapia has been carefully nurtured to reach a peak of perfection. Even the most modest cook can now present a perfectly mouthwatering centerpiece that sparks everyone’s appetite.

Tantalizing tenders – portions

The ideal cut and texture for picking up maximum flavor and portioning out into deliciously satisfying meals. Perfect size for fajitas, tacos and many more family fun favorites, giving you more downtime with the family.

Fine and fresh fillets

Quickly and easily create dishes that
please everyone at the table with our fresh fillets.
A great alternative to any fish or even chicken in most recipes.

You are what you eat

When you choose Regal Springs® Tilapia, you can be confident in maintaining your healthy balanced diet. Our Tilapia is high in protein but low in calories, fats, and carbohydrates, making it ideal for consumers wanting to eat lighter meals, and seeking to add more fish to their diet.

This means that you can enjoy delicious tilapia dishes, acting as a key protein source, in many successful and scientifically supported diet programs, including Mediterranean, Keto, Low-Carb, WW®, Paleo, and Diabetes 2 diet plans, following the recommendation to eat 2 portions of sustainably sourced fish per week as part of a balanced diet.

Vitamin B12, magnesium, and other essential nutrients all add to the tasty cocktail of ‘superfood’ benefits, and our rigorous commitment to naturally better quality ensures there are none of those nasty chemicals – or preservatives … and don’t forget, we’re free from those nasty antibiotics too.

Irresistible taste – bouncing with vitality