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The GSSI Seafood MAP: supporting sustainable seafood

Regal Springs Mexico oversees refurbishment of Health House in Bajo Amacoíte, Chiapas

Regal Springs wins Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award from Serdang Bedagai District Government

Regal Springs – a further US$14m invested: Enhancing efficiency, Boosting the ‘Blue Food Movement’

Regal Springs participates in the SWISStainability Forum

Mexican government endorses Regal Springs® Mexico’s long-term social and economic developments in Chiapas

Regal Springs® from green to blue: pioneering change for a better world through collaborative effort

Happy 10th anniversary to the first fish farm ever certified by ASC

Regal Springs opts for ‘gamechanger’ stunner technology that improves global welfare standards for Tilapia

Aquaculture OPEX set to rise by 300 percent