Guided by Our Vision

Lake Yojoa, Honduras

‘To feed the world with sustainably produced tilapia as part of the Blue Foods Movement’: that’s Regal Springs’® vision.

Regal Springs’® mission is to rear ‘Naturally Better Tilapia’ according to the highest ESG standards of sustainability, supplying our discerning consumers and customers with premium quality fish that fulfils their expectations of taste, texture and nutritional value.


Judged by the Gold Standard of ‘Naturally Better Tilapia’


Representing Regal Springs® and its brand responsibly


Reliable and dependable, delivering on commitments


Treating others as we wish to be treated


Always honest, Always fair, Always transparent

Embedding leadership in sustainable whitefish aquaculture

Our values encourage all of us to respect each and every external partner and stakeholder, as well
as our own Blue Planet champions.

Not Just Chocolate ‘n’ Clocks

Regal Springs® has long been linked to Alpine Gem Switzerland, famous for mouth-watering chocolate and cheese delicacies, dependable timepieces and ski paradises.

Our founder over 30 years ago in Indonesia was a Swiss UN aid worker, with many of our stakeholders today being Swiss. Zurich, Switzerland is our HQ for several good reasons: a convenient time zone for our world-wide business, a business-friendly, efficient environment, a high level of commercial transparency, and an internationally renowned banking system. In particular, Switzerland has a well-deserved reputation for top quality across the board, whether food products, Olympic timepieces, hi-tech machine tools or leading-edge pharmaceuticals. This ethos of seeking perfection matches Regal Springs’ ® vision for producing premium quality tilapia.

Our Code of Conduct

Work culture

World-class quality in product and process, fully complying with the highest standards of ESG and creating shareholder value through sound business practices.

Respect and diversity

We respect and nurture the diverse communities from which our workforce and stakeholders are drawn, across the 4 continents where we operate.

Proud of our people

We take great pride in our people, their passionate engagement, their consistent performance and their integrity in delivering Our Vision.

Pioneers in the ‘Blue Foods Movement’*

We regard ourselves as steadfast pioneers in the burgeoning Blue Economy, working towards the goal of new and sustainable protein sources to boost the Planet’s threatened resources.

Our ‘We Care’ program.

Our Values of Integrity, Sustainability and Social Engagement are embodied in our ‘We Care’ program, which enriches the social and environmental fabric of our workplaces.

Corporate governance

Regal Springs® AG is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and runs operations in the U.S., Mexico,
Honduras, Indonesia and Germany.

Board of Directors

Chairman since January 2021, Torben has 25 years’ experience at senior levels in the food industry, including 7 years as Group CEO of BioMar, a world leading fish feed supplier. He currently holds 6 other board roles. He has an Msc in Economics from Aarhus University, and is a Danish citizen living in Denmark.

Torben Svejgaard


Since its inception, Regal Springs® has been committed to the principles and practice of outstanding corporate governance.

Appointed in 2019 as CEO and Executive Director, Alois has over 20 years’ experience in Food & Beverages, with major management roles in Nestle and Almarai Dairy, serving in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Alois holds a Master’s degree from Innsbruck University. He is an Austrian citizen living in Zurich.

Alois Hofbauer


Appointed in August 2020 as an independent Director chairing Renumeration and Audit Committees. Currently Group CFO for hospital group IHH Healthcare, and serving on 2 other major boards, Joerg was previously CFO for the major seafood group Thai Union. Joerg holds an MBA from University of Augsburg. He is a German citizen living in Singapore.

Joerg Ayrle

Independent Director

Nicole became an independent director mid-2021. Currently CEO of Future Meat Technologies, she previously held various roles at OSI Group, including as their CSO and MD of Europe. Other roles include CSO at McDonald’s and international roles at Cargill. She holds a J.D. from the University of Minnesota and is a US citizen based in Illinois, USA.

Nicole Johnson-Hoffman

Independent Director

Geir became an independent director mid-2021. His earlier aquaculture experience was gained in Norway, Canada and Australia. After 10 years in several senior roles, he served as CEO of Cermaq group from 2016 until February 2022. An MSc from Tromso, Geir is a Norwegian citizen living near Oslo.

Geir Molvik

Independent Director

Blue Food Champions: Executive Management Team

Alois Hofbauer

Chief Executive

Mislav Znidaric

Chief Financial

Michael Haag

Chief Human Resources Officer

Laurent Develle

General Counsel & Head Corporate Affairs

Regal Springs® mix and match: our diversity policy

Being a global company, with a widely mixed workforce, we aim to match the skills of our teams with the needs of the workplace. This diversity creates an innovative and open-thinking working outlook, reflected in the motto: ‘One team, One goal, One spirit’


Regal Springs® recruits and promotes employees based on their qualifications, experience, and work performance. We provide equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, military service, disability, or medical conditions, including pregnancy.


We do not tolerate discrimination in any form, and treat others with respect.