Our Fish Frozen

Freshen up your freezer

Luscious loins

Prime white flesh, hand cut from the best and plumpest part of the fillet for a juicy, flaky, and tender portion. A consistent size – perfect for baking, broiling or grilling. The taste and texture wowed the international foodies at the Institute of Taste in Brussels, Europe.

Our Tenders and Fillets: available in scrumptious coatings*, battered, crusted or glazed:

*all designed and hand-crafted by our professional chefs

Panko Crusted Tenders

Classic savory seasoning in every bite – the delicate texture of our Japanese-style Panko Crusted tenders gives you a lighter and crispier crunch. One bite will have both kids and adults alike coming back for more.

Beer Battered Tenders

A modern twist to the classic pub style, our Beer Batter tenders give you the crunch you crave with hints of malty sweetness, balanced with mellow notes. It’s the perfect mouthful of the lightest, crispiest, perfectly flaky fish.

Lively up your shelves …

the world’s first branded premium tilapia line

Our ‘Naturally Better Tilapia’ are now available in a range of appealing packs, easy to spot in the frozen display when you are planning to serve convenient, delicious, and nutritious meals.

Other preparations

To increase your choice, we have a whole flavor library to please every palate and ignite your senses. Contact us to find out more.