Our Fish

We take enormous pride in rearing our sustainably farmed Regal Springs® tilapia to the highest standards and go to great lengths to preserve the fresh taste, succulent flavor, flaky texture, and high nutritional value.

Our tilapia fish are:

Raised in deep, oxygen-rich freshwater environments.

Packed with vitamins and up to 23g of lean protein.

Fed on a high-quality, vegetable-based diet.

Free from chemicals and additives.

100% lake traceable.

Know your tilapia

Whatever the cut, our tilapia keep their shape thanks to their firm texture, while the mild flavor blends perfectly with your favorite sauces and dressings.

Tilapia loins
The chunkiest cut. Taken from just above the tilapia’s spine, below the dorsal fin. The fish’s
richest flavor and firmest texture.

Tilapia fillets
The more traditional cut. Taken from the side of the body, just behind and below the head. Super versatile, amazingly easy to prepare, and can be used in most recipes — from fajitas to salads, soups, casseroles, and baked dishes.

Tilapia portions (tenders)
The smaller, more delicate cut. Taken from below the tilapia’s spine, behind the pelvic fin. Ideal for salads and soups, tacos and tapas, or in small bites to tempt fussy kids.

The fish for every dish

Regal Springs® whole fish, fillets and tenders are available in both fresh and frozen, while our loins are exclusive to frozen.

Our fresh tilapia are brought live to world-class processing plants with minimal handling, packed within four hours and picked up in 12 hours (depending on location) — for an industry-best 15-day shelf life.

Our frozen tilapia fish are flash-frozen the day they’re harvested, locking in their mild flavor and keeping the flesh firm, flaky, and succulent.