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Welcome to Our Video Gallery

Explore the world of Regal Springs through our video gallery. Here, you’ll find captivating stories and behind-the-scenes looks at our sustainable aquaculture practices, the breathtaking environments where we operate, and the vibrant communities we support.

From the serene waters of Lake Toba to the meticulous care we put into farming the world’s finest tilapia, our videos showcase our commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. Join us on a visual journey to see how we are making a positive impact on people and the planet, one fish at a time.

Dive in and discover the Regal Springs difference.

Regal Springs Indonesia: doing well by doing good

Join us on an incredible journey to the breathtaking Lake Toba in Indonesia, where Regal Springs is pioneering sustainable tilapia farming. In this exclusive video, we take you behind the scenes to explore our environmentally friendly practices and dedication to producing high-quality, healthy tilapia.


Blue foods: driving the sustainable seafood transformation

Blue foods, encompassing wild-caught and farmed seafood like fish, shellfish, and algae, are vital for global nutrition and livelihoods. With overfishing and climate change depleting stocks, responsible aquaculture is key to managing resources, protecting marine environments, and ensuring a sustainable future.


Regal Springs: #1 in premium sustainable tilapia

Regal Springs, founded in 1988 by a Swiss UN aid worker, leads in responsibly farmed premium tilapia. Originating in Indonesia’s Ring of Fire, we prioritize fish welfare, community support, and environmental stewardship. Our vision combines producing top-quality tilapia with enriching local communities and natural habitats.


Exploring Regal Springs tilapia: A closer look at our fish farming facilities

Our tilapia thrive at our pristine fish farming facilities in Lake Toba, Indonesia, where they have abundant space to swim and breathe in deep, clean waters. ​Even when our fish are being harvested, we ensure we keep our lakes at the optimum oxygen level, to maintain fish welfare throughout the entire process. 


Regal Springs tilapia: RESPONSIBLE seafood starts here

At Regal Springs, we responsibly use fish feed through hand feeding, allowing close health monitoring and preventing over-feeding and waste. Our floating feed ensures tilapia eat every piece, reducing waste. The rich  essential nutrients in our feed, keeps tilapia healthy, resulting in premium-quality seafood.


Welcome to the heart of Regal Springs tilapia: our hatchery! ​

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced technology to ensure optimal conditions for our tilapia from the start. We prioritize sustainable practices, raising our fish in an eco-friendly way. Our expert aquaculture team provides exceptional care, guaranteeing the health and vitality of every fish. By controlling the breeding and hatching process, we ensure that only the best tilapia make it to your plate.