Green today – blue tomorrow

“We do not inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors: We borrow it from Our Children”: an old folk proverb

At Regal Springs®️, we see it as our purpose to serve the world’s best tilapia, our ‘Naturally Better Tilapia’, while still helping to safeguard the future of seafood, and preserve the health of our precious planet for generations to come. That’s how we started over 30 years ago, and it’s a vision to which we remain true. Our original commitment to the Green Planet is now embracing the fast-growing trend towards the Blue Foods movement. Maybe that’s why we’ve become number one in premium white fish aquaculture.

“Doing well by doing good”


Our majestic green and blue environment

Lake Toba, ‘Ring of Fire’, Indonesia

What makes us better?

Deep oxygen-rich freshwater

Well, as a matter of fact, we’re the leading vertically integrated supplier of scale with both fresh and frozen premium tilapia, meticulously controlling operations from farm to fork.

What’s more, our activities are sustainably based, whether nurturing the fish, safeguarding the purity of our oxygen-rich lake water or supporting our local communities.

Deep oxygen-rich freshwater

Why’s our fish so awesome?

‘We raise ‘em right!’ Whether in the Indonesian ‘Ring of Fire’ in Lake Toba, the world’s largest volcanic lake, or the magnificent lakes of Honduras and Mexico, our tilapia race and dart against currents in deepwater pens, building a firm and healthy body, not like fish reared in shallow muddy waters, which just taint their flesh.

Then we ‘treat ’em like kings’: our precious tilapia feed on a high-quality vegetable diet, sourced from the world’s leading sustainable feed producers. We keep our fish free from antibiotics, chemical, and preservatives. Why? Because we believe in bringing you a fish as close to nature as we can, our ‘Naturally Better Tilapia’.

What’s so exciting?

A truly scrumptious fish! That’s because our meat is firm, white ’n flaky, with a magnificent succulent texture and a delicate flavor, and fresh taste, giving a wonderfully versatile canvas for any recipe you choose. Like we always say:

“It’s the fish that makes your dish”

Cantonese Style Steamed Whole Tilapia


Tilapia “Fries”


Lemon Basil Tilapia With Caprese Skewers


Tropical Jerk Tilapia Salad


Tilapia Sliders With Lobster Sauce


Tropical Fish Tacos


Tilapia Tacos al Pastor


What makes us feel good? Seeing the kids smile.

Regal Springs®️ is an impassioned supporter of local communities

Beyond delicious fish, we’re committed advocates of the Green and Blue Food Movements*, and eager to help make the world a better place, by bringing prosperity to our local communities. Our many integrated programs for improved schools and clinics, new roads, and revived forests, enrich the daily lives of the people living along our lake shores.

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Our 3rd party certificates

Our partnerships

To give you full confidence, apart from our long-term membership of the most significant seafood organisations, the leading international health and safety bodies verify that we measure up to the world’s top standards, and that we raise our fish in ways that are … better for them, better for you, and better for the planet.