Safeguarding seafood through responsible aquaculture

Sustainability has been at the core of our activities since the beginning.

Moving with the times, we’re dedicated to supporting the growing trend toward the green and blue food movements — accelerating our efforts to build a better planet for all. By responsibly farming tilapia, we add precious protein to world food supplies without diminishing threatened ocean fish stocks.

We’ve invested in the latest hatchery and genetics technologies to ensure optimal tilapia fish farming conditions, resulting in fresh, flaky, and versatile tilapia that’s bursting with healthy protein and 100% lake traceable!

The care with which we nurture our juvenile tilapia ensures they grow into healthy adults — from tiny eggs to larvae and then “fingerlings”, ready to be transferred to pens in our deep and pristine tropical lakes. From there, they’re processed and packaged into loins and fillets by our team, distributed by our cold chain, and enjoyed by customers worldwide.

Our pioneering sustainability program, unique within tilapia aquaculture, integrates our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities, purposely designed to deliver a positive impact and our “blue food” commitments.

Caring for our precious lakes and forests

Since premium-quality fish require clean, oxygen-rich water, we carefully monitor our lake water with the support of Regal Springs® water assurance programs and supervision by national authorities.

In addition, we work with our communities to restore the natural lake ecosystem through reforestation projects. By planting native tree species and helping to reduce flooding, soil erosion, and the risk of wildfires, we hope to benefit the local villages as part of our “doing well by doing good” pledge.


Our infrastructure projects help build schools, clinics, and roads.


We celebrate the rich and varied local cultures in our communities.

Supporting local communities

Our teams collaborate with villagers, local government, and charities to create better working and living conditions for all. By supporting a range of sustainability activities each year along our beautiful lake shores, we can enrich the lives of thousands of families and make a lasting positive change.


When natural disasters strike, we stand by our people and communities.


We take proactive steps within our communities to ensure health and safety for all.

Making waves in sustainable tilapia aquaculture

Integrating over 30 years of responsible aquaculture expertise, we take pride in consistently fulfilling stringent international standards, including having the world’s first fish farm certified to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) standard and the first 4*BAP tilapia fish farms in Honduras and Mexico.

Ensuring we make the grade

We fully subscribe to the world’s leading standards for sustainable fish farming, food safety, and social responsibility, scrupulously maintaining relevant and essential certifications. This ethos underpins Regal Springs’® recognized status as a sustainable and socially responsible company and a committed player in the “blue economy.”

Leaving zero waste behind

Our blue team hates waste, believing we should all share a duty to preserve our precious planet and not discard its finite resources. That’s why our whole-fish policy ensures we use as much of every fish as possible and throw virtually nothing away.

We first select our prime tilapia cuts to ensure an outstanding culinary experience and then help turn any leftover parts into valuable by-products such as fish meal and pet foods — a win-win for all!