Green today – Blue tomorrow

Safeguarding the future of seafood

‘Doing well by doing good’, enriching society, was our founder’s original mission which Regal Springs®️ has always supported: moving with the times, we are now passionately committed to the growing trend towards the Green and Blue Food movements.* We’re now accelerating our efforts to build a better planet for all. By sustainably farming tilapia, we add precious protein to world food supplies, without diminishing threatened ocean fish stocks.

Our pioneering ‘We Care’ Sustainability Program, unique within tilapia aquaculture, integrates our environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities, purposely designed to deliver a positive impact.

Impassioned supporters of responsible aquaculture

Integrating over 30 years of aquaculture expertise, Regal Springs raises sustainable and responsibly farmed tilapia in freshwater lakes in Indonesia, Honduras, and Mexico. We are committed to integrating the world’s leading and innovative farming practices into our operations. We take pride in consistently fulfilling stringent international standards, including being the world’s first farm certified to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) standard, and the first 4*BAP farm in Honduras and Mexico. But don’t take our word for it…

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Meet Emily,
Head of sustainability

Emily grew up in rural South Africa, where early on her parents instilled a strong sense for sustainability. Emily followed this interest into her studies, achieving a Doctorate in fisheries management from the University of Cape Town and working in seafood certification. She now brings her expertise to the team at Regal Springs.

“I get a real buzz from working with our diverse teams, whose hard work makes such a positive impact, bringing employment and enriching local communities, through education, health and environmental projects”. Emily is based in London and works to advance Regal Springs’ ESG impact.

Frequently asked questions

Taking care of our precious lakes and forests

Regal Springs®️ is wholly committed to protecting our magnificent lakeland environments, which we strive to manage and protect. Since premium quality fish require quality, oxygen-rich water, we meticulously monitor our lake water, supported by Regal Springs®️ water assurance programs and supervised by national authorities.

In addition, we work with our communities to restore the natural lake ecosystem, by implementing reforestation projects, planting lots of native tree species and helping to reduce flooding, soil erosion, and the risk of wildfires, greatly benefiting the local villages – part of our: ‘Doing well by doing good’.

Nobody likes waste and that includes us!

Nowadays, we should all share a duty to preserve our precious planet, and not waste its finite resources. That’s why our whole fish policy ensures we use all of the fish and throw virtually nothing away. We first select our prime tilapia cuts, to ensure an outstanding culinary experience. We then help turn the rest of the fish into valuable pharmaceutical, cosmetic or fertilizer products: truly a ‘win-win’ for all.

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Sustainability projects


People benefit

Our bond with villagers, supporting their welfare

Regal Springs®️ is one of the largest employers in our local villages, so we consider ourselves responsible for creating better places in which to work and live, jointly collaborating with villagers, local government, and charities in most initiatives. By supporting over 120 sustainability activities each year along our beautiful lake shores, we can enrich the lives of over 100,000 people.

  • Our infrastructure projects help build schools, clinics, and roads.
  • We celebrate the rich and varied local cultures in our communities.
  • When natural disasters strike, we stand by our people and communities.
  • We take proactive steps within our communities
    to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

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Ensuring we make the grade …

We fully subscribe to the world’s leading standards for sustainable aquaculture, food safety, and social responsibility, scrupulously maintaining relevant and essential certifications. This underpins Regal Springs’®️ recognized status as a sustainable and socially responsible company, and a committed player in the ‘Blue Economy’.

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