Celebrating Indonesian National Fish Day in Jakarta!

Celebrating Indonesian National Fish Day in Jakarta!

Every November 21, we celebrate a very special day in the seafood calendar: Indonesian National Fish Day!

Also known as Hari Ikan Nasional or “Harkannas”, this event provides an opportunity to remind people across Indonesia and beyond about the importance of fish as a high-protein, sustainable food source.

This year, the team at Regal Springs Indonesia (PT Aqua Farm Nusantara) held an educational event titled “Eat Fish: Healthy Investment for the Golden Generation” at Ranch Market in Pondok Indah, Jakarta — bringing together a range of experts to educate consumers about sustainable seafood production and our very own tilapia products…

Securing seafood supplies for the Golden Generation

Conceived with Indonesia’s Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), our awareness event promoted safe food products and the importance of responsible seafood production for feeding future generations.

During the presentation, Emy Khonifah, chair of the Domestic Promotion Task Force at the KKP, highlighted the critical role of fish in Indonesia’s 2020–2024 National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) — naming fish availability as one of the indicators of success in achieving adequate food security and nutrition.

Indonesia is preparing to realize its “Golden Indonesia” vision for 2045, when populations are expected to reach 324 million — an increase of 54.4 million from 2020. Safeguarding the long-term supply of marine food sources will be crucial to ensuring all citizens receive the nutrition they require.

The need to reinforce Indonesian fish supplies drives the Gemarikan program, which was developed to increase domestic fish consumption and prevent childhood stunting due to poor nutrition. It stresses that producers must strengthen fish stocks through continuous innovation, cooperation, and synergy programs to meet rising seafood demand.

“Sustainable fisheries products will be crucial for future global food security, contributing to the resilience of national food supplies and answering the nutritional needs of the public to reduce the prevalence of stunting,” Khonifah commented.

Dr Ing Dase Hunaefi, another speaker at the event, also emphasized the importance of eating fish due to its high percentage of healthy protein.

“Fish offers many benefits, one of which is protein — a crucial nutrient needed by the body for growth, repair, and maintenance of body cells,” said Dr Dase.

Fish protein is absorbed by the human body more easily than other animal protein sources like chicken, beef, or lamb, making it the ideal choice for improving national nutrition.

So, what’s Regal Springs’ role in supporting the production of responsibly farmed fish in Indonesia?

Delivering responsibly farmed tilapia for all

Regal Springs tilapia provides all the advantages of premium seafood, with an impressive protein content and high levels of essential nutrients like omega-6, vitamin D, and amino acids.

However, it wasn’t just the health value of our tilapia we were keen to highlight during our Indonesian National Fish Day celebrations…

Considering that tilapia is one of Indonesia’s flagship commodities, its potential to support national economic growth is promising for continuous cultivation and development — something we were eager to promote to local consumers at our educational event.

With its low calorie content, fresh taste, white flesh, and absence of harmful saturated fats, Regal Springs tilapia is appealing to health-conscious foodies worldwide. As a result, it’s no surprise that the demand for tilapia products in the global market is steadily increasing.

“Tilapia is currently one of the top five export commodities in Indonesia’s fisheries sector — and its popularity continues to grow,” Regal Springs Indonesia’s managing director Rudolf Hoeffelman explained. “To meet demand and international market standards, we’re committed to ensuring our tilapia products are cultivated and produced in accordance with the principles of good fish farming.”

What’s more, while export is vital to our business and the Indonesian economy, it’s equally (if not more) crucial to ensure Indonesian fish products are consistently available within the country — presenting exciting opportunities to sell underutilized cuts and processed products like fish balls, fish skin crisps, and battered fish pieces.

As one of the leading players in the aquaculture sector, Regal Springs Indonesia is dedicated to developing responsible, integrated tilapia cultivation processes that support the government’s socioeconomic goals — making every effort to enhance the quality of Indonesian fish products for future generations.

Interested in learning more about Regal Springs tilapia? Contact our locally based teams today to discover where to buy our fish near you…