Mexican government endorses Regal Springs® Mexico’s long-term social and economic developments in Chiapas

Regal Springs® Mexico (known as Acuagranjas Dos Lagos S.A. de C.V.) has, over the last two decades, built and expanded its sustainable tilapia aquaculture operations in the state of Chiapas, located in the remote and rural Ostuacán municipality on the lakes of Malpaso and Peñitas.

These tilapia fish farming operations have generated significant economic benefits to less privileged regions within Chiapas. In addition, Regal Springs® Mexico has developed welfare and environmental programmes, supporting its local communities with schools, clinics and reforestation projects.The Mexican government, represented by the Comisión Nacional de Acuacultura y Pesca (CONAPESCA) and the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER), has recognised this valuable support from Regal Springs® Mexico and its policies of levelling up rural communities by granting 10-year concessions for the renewal and expansion of Regal Springs® Mexico’s lake farming operations. This strong endorsement will provide a greater degree of long-term stability within these Chiapas communities and underpin Regal Springs® Mexico’s continuing investment in the region.