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Regal Springs participates in the SWISStainability Forum

Regal Springs participates in the SWISStainability Forum

• The second SWISStainability Forum was held by the Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry on November 8, 2022

• The Chamber represents Swiss companies operating in Mexico, with the aim of strengthening mutual economic relations.

• Regal Springs, with a strong presence in Mexico for over 15 years, is also a member of the BLUE FOOD PARTNERSHIP AQUACULTURE WORKING GROUP. This initiative is designed to harness the vast potential of sustainable aquaculture in meeting the nutritional needs of the world’s rapidly growing population.

Tuxtla Gutiérrez, November 12, 2022.

The second SWISStainability Forum, organized by the Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was held on November 8 at the University of Monterrey, Nuevo León. Regal Springs played an active role at the event and presented an outline of the “Blue Food Partnership” strategy, in which Regal Springs is fully involved.

Over three billion people, 40% of the world’s population, depend on blue foods, both ocean- and lake-based, for almost 20% of their animal protein, and 8% earn their livelihoods from fish, with blue foods being one of the world’s most traded food products. Blue foods are highly nutritious and rich in protein and micro-nutrients, yet they have a smaller environmental footprint than meat or other resource-intensive land-based foods.

With the world population expected to climb to 10 billion by 2050, blue foods will play a key role in feeding the planet sustainably. Regal Springs Mexico intends to support this strategy to the full, reflected in our mission to breed “Naturally Better Tilapia” here in Mexico while strictly adhering to the highest environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

“Regal Springs will continue as pioneers in aquaculture, with sustainability at the core of our DNA. We nurture our fish as nature intended: in oxygen-rich deep-water lakes. In addition, we engage with our local communities, providing jobs, running social welfare programs, and establishing environmental projects,” explained Laurent Develle, General Counsel and Head of Corporate Affairs, with responsibility for sustainability within Regal Springs Group, during his presentation at the SWISStainability Forum.

He continued: “We are proud of our final product: sustainable, premium-quality tilapia for the Mexican market and export overseas via our fully integrated supply chain. Our team delivers to our quality-conscious customers and consumers fish that fully meets their expectations for freshness and taste, texture and nutritional value.”

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