BLUE FOODS INNOVATION London | June 14-15th – 2022

“From Green to Blue”
Regal Springs® participates in London congress upping its commitment to a better planet for all

“Blue food* is the most highly traded food product in the world and is critical to global food and nutrition security. Yet its vast potential has not been fully realized in practice or adequately incorporated into global food policy. Therein lies a great opportunity.”

In recognition of the above more than 315 people were in attendance at the BLUEFOOD INNOVATIONS SUMMIT where people with keen interest in aquaculture descended from every quarter of the globe, 41 countries in total. From all-important Investors, aquaculture and bivalve marine food suppliers, and end game retailers the corridors of the Leonardo Royal hotel London hotel were buzzing – the venue was full of inquisitive souls, brand ambassadors and general enthusiasts who believe in the fact that the world now turns from Green to Blue. Saving our oceans rightly becomes a top priority on the sustainability agenda.

Sustainability has been core to the DNA of REGAL SPRINGS® since inception over 30 years ago when the first fish was plucked from lake Toba in Indonesia’s “Ring Of Fire”. REGAL SPRINGS® was therefore proud to be both in attendance and to being part of a panel discussion building transparency and traceability in the supply chain with new technologies.

Quote Emily McGregor Sustainability manager at REGAL SPRINGS®:

“The future relies on strong collaboration and the sooner we learn from each other the sooner we all reap the benefits in scaling up and assuring world food security in a sustainable manner. Learning about improvement in feed nutrition, the benefits of AI in the feeding process or learning how we might improve fish mortality rates … everyone has something to gain”.

Quote Alois Hofbauer CEO:

“We stand by our motto ‘Doing well by doing good’…. At REGAL SPRINGS®️, we see it as our purpose to serve the world’s best tilapia, our ‘Naturally Better Tilapia’, while still helping to safeguard the future of seafood, and preserve the health of our precious planet for generations to come. That’s how we started over 30 years ago, and it’s a vision to which we remain true. Our original commitment to the Green Planet is now embracing the fast-growing trend towards the Blue Foods movement.“

For REGAL SPRINGS® the journey continues with renewed vigour. Our ‘Naturally Better Tilapia’ driven by our Deepwater farming techniques has stood the test of time and led REGAL SPRINGS® to be number one in white fish aquaculture, the unique ivory white flesh of the fish being testament to it premium value.

Join us on a journey where fish health and welfare is a first and foremost priority, and where local farm hands and their families prosper with us as part of our social welfare policies. We’re now accelerating our efforts to build a better planet for all.

*All edible aquatic organisms including fish, shellfish, and algae from marine and freshwater production systems (aquaculture and fisheries).

Laurent Develle. Regal Springs EVP and Head of Corporate affairs and legal as part of a panel discussion on building transparency and traceability in the supply chain with new technologies.