Call to Action

Regal Springs joins groundbreaking movement to accelerate advance in sustainable aquaculture

Regal Springs is proud to contribute to the global ‘Call to Action’ for purpose driven #aquaculture, launching at the @United Nations#Ocean Conference.

Supported by The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, GSI and Future Fish this groundbreaking initiative represents a first for the industry and acknowledges the private sector’s critical role in mobilizing sustainability and social progress for the world’s fastest growing food sector.

Sustainable aquaculture adds precious protein to world food supplies, without diminishing threatened ocean fish stocks. Importantly, aquaculture also creates employment in remote rural communities, (including employment for women and youth) thereby improving social welfare and aiding economic prosperity.

Joining top executives from across the international aquaculture sector, the ‘Call to Action’ motion aims to harness knowledge and expertise that will catalyse advance towards more purpose driven aquaculture at speed and scale.

Quote: Alois Hofbauer, CEO of Regal Springs

“Aquaculture – the farming of aquatic animals and plants–is widely recognised as a vital contribution to a healthy, sustainable, and resilient global food system. Regal Springs is committed to advancing its role and upping its contribution to providing healthy and affordable seafood protein that also aids welfare and economic prosperity and as a leader in responsibly farmed aquaculture, we welcome this industry initiative”.