Extracting full value from our tilapia with our “Natural Additions” range

Extracting full value from our tilapia with our “Natural Additions” range

Did you know tilapia skin can heal wounds in both humans and pets, serving as a sustainable resource and presenting a natural and effective alternative for treating burns?

In the good old days, tilapia skin would simply be considered a by-product of tilapia farming.

Not anymore.

We recently re-launched our “Natural Additions” range at the 2024 Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona, Spain — unveiling a new sustainable product line that focuses on transforming what was traditionally considered fish by-products into valuable, diverse resources…

Why have we re-launched this sustainable range?

At Regal Springs, we’ve always championed a zero-waste policy as part of our 35-year commitment to sustainability and the “blue food movement.”

These sustainability efforts are evident in our farming practices. We raise our premium tilapia in deep, oxygen-rich lake environments across Indonesia, Honduras, and Mexico — without using chemicals. Our operations are certified by the BRC, Best Aquaculture Practices, and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

By-products are an old concept generally seen as waste, but we believe by-products shouldn’t be seen as waste. They’re a valuable resource.

We’re eager to up our game and think beyond the simple utilization of fish waste for fishmeal to pursue a wide range of high-quality products for multiple applications.

Whilst we are very close to zero waste, we want to ensure full utilization of our tilapia by 2030 — optimizing these resources and minimizing our environmental impact in the process. And our new “Natural Additions” range will allow us to do just that.

How does this range help our “Zero Fish Waste” policy?

Currently, only about 30–35% of a tilapia fish is used for fillets, meaning up to 65% is considered a by-product. Our new range includes a variety of products derived from these by-products, such as belly meat, fillet trimmings, carcasses, fishmeal, fish oil, scales, skin, heads, mincemeat, and eyes.

Each of these components is being re-purposed for various uses.

For instance, fish scales are being used to produce collagen for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical products. Fish skins have been found beneficial in wound care due to their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and fish heads and collar bones can be used to make fish stock or bait for lobster and crab fishing.

We’re excited to be exploring the production of artisanal products from tilapia by-products, such as leather belts, backpacks, and even furniture – we are also eager to partner with other manufactures in these specific fields to support the growth of these sustainability initiatives.

These innovative uses not only help reduce waste but also open doors to new market opportunities. The strength of our “Natural Additions” range lies in the high level of segmentation of the individual components of the tilapia carcass, which enables us to provide raw materials for highly specialized applications.

At present, just under 5% of the fish is made up of blood and protein components from the cutting processes and cannot be utilized technically. However, this is something we aim to optimize in the coming years, supported by targeted investments.

Doing well by doing good 

The launch of our new “Natural Additions” range at the Seafood Expo Global is a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainability.

By re-defining fish by-products as valuable resources, we’re setting new standards in the aquaculture industry. The “Natural Additions” range supports our goal of achieving zero fish waste by 2030 and exemplifies our innovative approach to resource utilization.

Not only does this initiative minimize our environmental impact, but it also offers high-quality products for various applications — from cosmetics to pet food to artisanal goods.

As pioneers in sustainable aquaculture, we see it as our moral duty to bring every part of our responsibly raised fish to good use. With Regal Springs Natural Additions, we ensure that we consistently follow our ambitious sustainability program to become an even more innovative partner for the seafood industry in the future.

Find out more about Regal Springs Natural Additions and explore the various applications across beauty, nutrition and food, animal nutrition, pharmaceuticals, lifestyle, and fashion.