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Regal Springs takes the Blue Food Innovation Summit 2024

Regal Springs is heading to the Blue Food Innovation Summit 2024

Regal Springs is thrilled to announce we’re heading to London for the 2024 Blue Food Innovation Summit!

On May 21 and 22, over 300 delegates and 60 investors from 40 different countries will be travelling to Hilton London Bankside to connect with their blue economy peers and dive into today’s aquaculture, fisheries, and marine trends.

Our European team will be joining leaders of the seafood sector to discuss responsible solutions for resilient aquaculture, ocean regeneration, and hunger alleviation. And with a succulent, delicious tilapia lunch on the menu, this isn’t an event you’ll want to miss…

What’s on?

For any organization working towards nutrition security and climate mitigation, the Blue Food Innovation Summit is undoubtedly the place to be.

Not only will visitors tap into rich opportunities for growth, networking, and new partnerships thanks to the event’s jam-packed one-to-one meeting programme, but they’ll also gain insights into the blue food industry’s pivotal conversations.

From advancements in digital platforms to aquatic health and welfare, 80 expert speakers from global companies will outline their strategies for delivering a more biodiverse and sustainable blue economy.

Regal Springs Switzerland’s very own Laurent Develle will be sharing his views at the Aquafeed Innovation: Scaling Novel Solutions and Diversifying the Raw Materials Basket panel on May 21 at 1:30 PM.

Joined by Aquaculture Stewardship Council UK’s CEO and the Sustell lead for Aqua & Global, Develle will tackle many important topics on the responsible aquaculture and blue foods agenda, including…

Emerging opportunities for alternative feedstock and raw materials.

Key ingredients currently gaining momentum in development and investment.

The ways aquaculture producers are introducing substitute feed and protein sources into their products.

How producers are utilizing raw materials in an expanded feed basket to mitigate the impact of harmful emissions.

Ongoing policy and legislation changes around the development and use of genetically modified feed ingredients.

Our team can’t wait to discuss ways to improve aquafeed practices with the event’s ecosystem of entrepreneurs, scientists, advocates, politicians, and funders looking to make a difference.

Pioneering for a blue economy

Global blue food demand is expected to roughly double by 2050 — with widespread environmental and social implications. So, if our industry wants to meet this pressing demand, we need to act now.

That’s why, as long-standing supporters of the blue food movement — a global initiative to drive healthy, equitable, and sustainable food systems — Regal Springs is proud to champion events like the Blue Food Innovation Summit.

We take every opportunity to spread the word about responsible aquaculture and the importance of securing marine food sources for current and future generations with smaller fisheries and food suppliers around the world.

And we don’t just talk the talk…

By adhering to the recommendations of marine authorities and members of the “Blue Food Partnership,” Regal Springs is able to produce premium, responsibly farmed tilapia from hatch to harvest.

Not only do we invest in state-of-the-art “blue technology” to prioritize fish welfare, but our fisheries go above and beyond to meet strict food quality standards for our tilapia products.

From the work we do with the communities on our precious lake shores to the innovative fish farming techniques we’ve learnt along the way, Regal Springs takes pride in sharing our knowledge with the wider aquaculture community.

By doing so, we can continue fulfilling our founding mission: doing well by doing good.

Want to learn more about Regal Springs’ commitment to the blue food movement? Register to join us at the Blue Food Innovation Summit today.