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Regal Springs’ tilapia delights at the 2024 Latin American Sustainable Seafood Summit

Regal Springs’ tilapia delights at the 2024 Latin American Sustainable Seafood Summit

On February 16 and 17, 2024, Regal Springs Mexico — an internationally renowned aquaculture company and one of the country’s largest tilapia producers and exporters — joined other leaders from across the seafood sector at the Latin American Sustainable Seafood Summit.

Sponsored by the likes of the Walton Family Foundation and the Global Seafood Alliance, the summit was held at Circulo Cubano de México in Mexico City — an ideal location offering a vibrant gastronomy scene and a base for some of Latin America’s seafood industry change-makers.

At the fourth edition of this highly anticipated and well-attended conference, the Regal Springs team took the opportunity to discuss the future of sustainable aquaculture and give guests a taste of its premium, responsibly farmed tilapia.

Pioneering for responsible aquaculture

The 2024 summit was the place to be for sustainable seafood pioneers — from small-scale fishermen to supermarkets and international aquaculture product distributors.

Regal Springs Mexico was among the key voices at the event, joining other attendees to address shared concerns, consolidate the movement towards sustainable seafood and inland water products, and provide insights on the local aquaculture industry.

Anna Molina Marsiske, a board member at Regal Springs Mexico, joined a panel titled “Is aquaculture really an alternative for food security?”. This dynamic session was held on day two of the summit and moderated by Juan Carlos Lapuente — the director of aquaculture research at the Mexican Institute for Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture (IMIPAS) and a favorite for the Comisión Nacional de Acuacultura y Pesca (CONAPESCA) directorship.

Regal Springs also provided its premium tilapia for guests at one of the summit’s exclusive meals. The dish was served with an orange butter sauce and was appreciated by several attendees, who commented on its excellent flavor and quality.

And it wasn’t just the seafood supplier’s tilapia products that caught the conference’s attention…

During Saturday’s conference, Regal Springs Mexico joined an interactive Q&A to talk about its initiative to create a new responsible aquaculture association in Mexico — something several participants expressed an interest in.

The company seized the moment to announce the launch of this project together with a broad range of stakeholders, demonstrating its pioneering spirit in leading the sector towards more sustainable best practices.

Shining a light on sustainable seafood

The Latin American Sustainable Seafood Summit never fails to bring together experts from the fishing and aquaculture sectors to share experiences, commitments, and upcoming projects — and this year’s conference was no exception.

Organizers welcomed over 50 attendees to discuss three key topics: food security and sovereignty, combatting illegal fishing, and markets.

Guests included Mexican and international participants from a range of high-profile governmental and industry associations, NGOs, producers, certification agencies, foundations, and regulatory bodies such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The fourth edition of the event had four main objectives:

Promoting and accelerating the development of Latin American fisheries and sustainable aquaculture.

Exchanging successful experiences among participating countries and organizations.

Encouraging collaboration programs and projects between private, social, and public sectors.

Supporting sustainability initiatives by regulatory bodies, value chain actors, and consumers.

These goals align with the summit’s signature Pesca con Futuro Latinoamérica (Fishing with Future Latin America) initiative, designed to spread tools to promote seafood sustainability. Using markets as allies and serving as a blend of ideas and collective wills, the movement aims to ensure the seas, fishing, and aquaculture have a future.

As an early supporter of the “blue food movement”, Regal Springs Mexico is keen to support this joint effort.

“We’re proud to join the Pesca con Futuro Latinoamérica movement — collaborating with the Blue Food Partnership to spread aquaculture best practices and grow our fish with respect for people and the planet,” commented Molina Marsiske.

She continued: “Regal Springs is constantly working to provide high-quality, responsibly raised tilapia to people in Latin America and beyond while working with our communities to preserve and restore the natural environments in and around our beautiful deep-water lakes.”

About Regal Springs  

Regal Springs is the #1 in responsibly farmed tilapia, raising fish in deep freshwater lakes across Indonesia, Mexico, and Honduras. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, the company is a leading pioneer of the “blue food movement” and develops responsible aquaculture processes to deliver a range of fresh, frozen, and value-added tilapia products worldwide.