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Regal Springs Mexico’s tilapia fillets impress at the Superior Taste Awards

Regal Springs Mexico’s tilapia fillets impress at the Superior Taste Awards

In our mission to raise awareness of tilapia’s incredible health benefits and sustainability value, we’ve successfully pursued several awards and accreditations from the industry’s top authorities.

But for our customers, it’s the unbeatable taste of Regal Springs tilapia that keeps them coming back for more.

Our tilapia’s delicate flavor and succulent texture make them the ideal versatile option for health-conscious individuals and families alike. And we’re not the only ones that think so…

The jury of the International Taste Institute, composed of some of the world’s best chefs and sommeliers, has revealed the recipients of the 2023 Superior Taste Award. We’re proud to announce that Regal Springs Mexico’s tilapia fillets were recognized among the winners — demonstrating the outstanding sensory profile of our responsibly farmed fish products.

About the International Taste Institute

The International Taste Institute, founded in 2005 and based in Brussels, Belgium, evaluates and certifies the taste of foods and drinks from around the world. Its panel comprises over 250 renowned chefs and sommeliers from 15 European culinary and sommelier associations.

Over the years, more than 20,000 products have been certified by the International Taste Institute’s jury, which features accomplished individuals such as Christian Brancaleoni (Best Sommelier of Italy, 2022), Ferran Vila-Pujol, (Best Sommelier of Spain 2022), Alain Nonnet (holder of two Michelin stars for 36 years), Bernard Vaussion (Head Chef to the President of France), and Julie Dupuis (Best Female Sommelier in the World), among many others.

To determine which products meet the grade for the Superior Taste Award, the institute performs objective sensory evaluation — following a rigorous blind-tasting methodology whereby product samples are anonymized to avoid scoring biases.

In addition to rating product performance according to the five standard sensory criteria, the jury provides comments and suggestions for further product improvement and food pairing.

The number of food and beverage products undergoing these thorough taste evaluations has increased significantly in recent years, reflecting the growing investment of food producers in the quality and taste of their offerings.

Still, only the products that achieve an average score of more than 70% are recognized with the award, establishing that they’re well-made, balanced, and delicious.

Regal Springs tilapia fillets receive two stars

Regal Springs Mexico’s tilapia fillets were evaluated by the International Taste Institute for the first time for the 2023 awards.

The fish achieved an incredible 86.2% score — well above the qualifying average, earning a coveted two-star rating as a “remarkable product.”

Just 2,574 food and beverage items have earned the prestigious stamp of approval from the jury in 2023 — and the premium tilapia fillets from Regal Springs Mexico were the only Mexican fish products to make the list.

Here’s what some of the adjudicating chefs had to say about our tilapia…

  • “Overall, this is a very good product with an impressive visual appearance and a light, almost neutral aroma.”
  • “An original product that’s versatile and suitable for a variety of different preparations.”
  • “A simple, straightforward product that holds its shape well during cooking.”
  • “This fish has a great visual appearance, with a lovely white flesh.”
  • “The visual is impressive for both the raw and the cooked product.”

The 2023 Superior Taste Awards mark the second year in a row the International Taste Institute has endorsed the Regal Springs group, with our tilapia receiving European certification in 2022. These accolades reflect the hard work our team is doing to standardize and deliver the tastiest, most versatile tilapia products in the world.

We’re pleased and proud to bring consumers and customers a delicious, high-quality product. Let’s celebrate this achievement by continuing to develop our operations and champion sustainable aquaculture — for people and the planet!

For more information about our fish and where to find Regal Springs tilapia near you, get in touch with our locally based teams via our contact form today.