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Regal Springs: celebrating 35 years of sustainable tilapia

Regal Springs: celebrating 35 years of sustainable tilapia

August 2023 marks an exciting occasion — the 35th anniversary of Regal Springs!

After three and a half decades of service within the global aquaculture industry, we’ve expanded from a small local enterprise to a #1 global force — driven by an international community that’s passionate about responsible fish farming.

Together, we’re contributing to the transformation of food systems around the world — and we’re only just getting started…

Blue foods for people and the planet

Regal Springs was founded in 1988 in Wunut, Indonesia, by a former development worker who believed in “doing well by doing good” — a principle that continues to guide our operations.

Today, we remain dedicated to producing high-quality tilapia products that meet every expectation of health and flavor. Most importantly, we’re committed to supporting the aims of the “blue food movement” by helping to build more healthy, equitable, and sustainable food systems.

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s 2020 State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA) report, 34.2% of the world’s fish stocks are overfished. As a result, we believe that flying the flag for responsible aquaculture is crucial to conserving threatened marine ecosystems and feeding global populations that rely on farmed fish for protein and nutrients.

So, having recognized the growing demand for fish and the simultaneous need to protect natural resources, Regal Springs’ aquaculture experts are raising tilapia in harmony with the environment.

“We’re doing more than making waves in the global seafood market; we’re creating growth and jobs for many people worldwide,” says Alois Hofbauer, CEO of Regal Springs.

“Our team is super excited to build on the 35-year legacy of Regal Springs. With our commitment to continued collaboration with our North American trade partners, both large and small, we look forward to responsibly delivering the most premium tilapia to our customers for years to come.” Added Todd Raasch, Managing Director, North America Region.

“We’re aware that fishing and consumption can only exist in the long term if we regard nature and the environment as a central topic,” emphasized Petra Weigl, the managing director of Regal Springs Europe. “Only with responsible aquaculture can we meet the growing demand for high-quality protein in the coming years.”

By using natural feed sources and avoiding chemicals and antibiotics, we produce strong, healthy tilapia without damaging marine ecosystems — and our impact doesn’t stop there…

Working closely with local communities to embrace social and environmental stewardship around our stunning lake shores, we aim to help more people access sustainable protein sources and improve their livelihoods.

Looking forward to a bluer future

Over the last 35 years, we’ve expanded our operations in Indonesia, Honduras, and Mexico to break new ground for food security and economic growth.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved — working with the Blue Food Partnership to produce sustainable, premium tilapia fish that’s good for people and the planet.

Our teams have been celebrating Regal Springs’ 35th anniversary across our global sites — with plenty of cake and raised glasses to another exciting milestone!

Of course, we couldn’t do what we do without the incredible partners and colleagues who share our enthusiasm for sustainably farming tilapia.

“I’m grateful and proud to be part of Regal Springs,” said Ibu Ana, the plant director at our Indonesian site and one of our longest serving employees. “The company supports employee development, always meets its environmental responsibilities, and is committed to maintaining its premium product quality through various certifications.”

Hardiansyah, who joined us in 1996 and now acts as the deputy manager of our Medan plant, added: “The togetherness and sense of family have always been embedded in the company. Let’s unite our shared visions and missions to push Real Springs to the top of the global tilapia market!”

We’re thrilled that after all these years, our people have the same passion for delivering sustainably farmed tilapia to people worldwide.

As we look forward to what the next 35 years may bring, we’d like to thank everyone who’s been a part of our journey so far. Through collaboration and innovation, we can continue living up to our founding principles and spread responsible aquaculture to new regions.

For more information about our heritage and sustainability program, get in touch with our locally based teams via our contact form today.